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Asset Integrity and Process Safety

03 October 2016
Author :   FARSA Energy Jonoob

Asset Integrity and Process Safety Management Services

Maintaining your assets in a fit-for-service condition is crucial in today’s competitive environment.

The most efficient way to achieve a safe and reliable operation of your facilities and equipment is through an effective asset management program that ensures maximum safety, high reliability and technical integrity in combination with regulatory compliance. 

Setting up a fully compliant asset integrity program can be challenging however, due to increased operating costs and limited resources. With many years of expertise in asset integrity and process safety management, FARSA’s in-house specialists provide cutting edge solutions in Asset Integrity Data Management and Assessment.

FARSA Energy Jonoob is an Iranian local leader in the development and delivery of asset integrity management and asset reliability solutions for our clients in the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical and power plant industries and our asset integrity and process safety management services can help you maintain your asset, and ensure fitness for service, reliability, safety and compliance with all relevant regulations in the most cost-effective way possible.

Benefits of using FARSA's Asset Integrity and Process Safety Management Services:

  • Set up an effective asset integrity program that complies to all important regulations and safety standards
  • Improve the technical integrity of your asset by identifying and eliminating potential risks
  • Maintain your asset while at the same time ensuring safety, reliability and fitness for service
  • Increase the life of your asset in the most reliable, safe, and cost-efficient way possible