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02 October 2016
Author :   FARSA Energy Jonoob

FARSA increases pipeline performance and reduces pipeline maintenance costs with a full suite of pipeline services. From inline inspection through to pipeline pigging, gauging and cleaning as well as risk based inspection regimes and fitness for service evaluations.

By tailoring specific solutions to meet your project needs you’ll have a more cost-effective pipeline inspection solution to ensuring optimized pipeline performance.

Whether you are inspecting an existing pipeline system or commissioning a new line our range of pipeline services will meet your needs. With many years of experience, onshore, offshore and some of the most challenging work environments we have built the skills and expertise needed to ensure your pipeline is always operating at its best.

If your pipelines have been operating for some years then it is critical to check pipeline integrity as part of an ongoing pipeline maintenance program. Problems such as dents, pipeline corrosion, movement, damage and failures in cathodic protection will need to be accounted for in your pipeline inspection program and FARSA can assist you in all of these areas.

After cleaning and gauging of your lines on a regular basis it is imperative to perform accurate inspection of the pipeline wall condition to identify areas of corrosion that may be a threat to the integrity of the pipeline and its safe operation. Our inline inspection tools lead the industry for accuracy and efficiency and are built for mobilization into any line regardless of how “unpiggable” it is deemed to be.

Below is a brief summary of the most popular pipeline services we provide. You can find out more about other pipeline services we offer by following the links provided in this website.

Pipeline Cleaning

Solids (iron oxide/black powder, wax, asphaltenes, and so on) can build up inside a pipeline and eventually affect flow rates and pipeline performance. FARSA can help you to implement and execute a pipeline cleaning program which assures that the pipeline is clean from any debris or obstacles.

Caliper Pigging

Caliper Pigging is a process used to detect any major anomalies in a pipelines geometry such as dents or ovalities. When used in combination with other mapping systems such as GPS coordinates a thorough picture of the lines geometry and layout can built. FARSA provides caliper pigging for pipeline commissioning and baseline surveys.

Inline Inspection

In-line inspection (ILI) is used to inspect pipelines for evidence of internal or external corrosion, deformations (dents, gouges and so forth), laminations, cracks, or other defects. FARSA’s third parties intelligent pigging tools provide highly accurate data that can be used to assess pipeline integrity and ensure continued safe operation.

Research and Development

No two pipelines are the same and variations in material, configuration and project specific needs can sometimes mean that special tools and solutions are required. FARSA and its global third parties has many years of experience in collaborating with clients to design and develop tailor made solutions where needed.

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