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Research and Development

20 January 2017
Author :   FARSA Energy Jonoob

To win the competition in the business of pipeline services, FARSA Energy Jonoob Company has to proactively do research and development to tackle the pipeline inspection challenges while working together with our stakeholders.

With in-house design and engineering capabilities we are able to closely collaborate with clients to build and design solutions for ever more challenging needs in difficult operating environments.

With close cooperation with our strategic business partners who has innovations in tools for inspection corrosion under supports, corrosion under insulation and UT intelligent pigging solutions, the Company will ideally be placed to assist clients in the region through close collaboration and face to face interaction.

With today's availability of advanced technology such as GPS systems, inclinometers, accelerometers and other sensors, there is virtually no limit to the capacity of data that can be gained from an ILI tool run down a pipeline. ILI tools can be fitted with many combinations of distance and angle encoders, such as subsea and topside tracking systems, GPS coordinate trackers and elevation trackers.

Test and calibration pieces are manufactured both for specific inspection projects, and for further development of the ILI tool. Inspection speed and accuracy are continuously under development to optimize the ILI system capabilities.